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Facial Features ‘In Focus’ Due To Video Calls

While some of us have used the lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to forgo our usual beauty and skin routines, it seems that for others this period has made them more conscious of the facial features that they would like to change.

Harper’s Bazaar recently revealed that spending more time on video calls for both work and personal interactions means that a growing number of people are exploring their options when it comes to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Speaking to the magazine, cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho said that this isn’t the first time that technology has led to a spike in enquiries about procedures, citing the likes of Snapchat and Instagram as previous reasons for more people to seek help with their appearance.

Dr Esho said that he has observed more clients citing how they look on Zoom and other video conferencing apps as reasons why they want to alter a particular facial feature. He added that it is often the features that are closest to the camera, such as the nose, that are people’s focus.

“They are shown more disproportionately on Zoom,” he added. If you’ve been struggling to keep on top of your beauty regime during lockdown, you might be eagerly awaiting the reopening of beauty salons so you can book in for microblading in Hull to bring your eyebrows back to their best, for instance.

If, on the other hand, being at home more is making you feel more confident to experiment with your beauty regime, you could try some of our suggested makeup tips, including practicing your winged eyeliner look.

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