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Why Do Our Eyebrows Matter So Much?

Everyone has had a day when dealing with unruly eyebrows has gotten them all philosophical.

Whilst the obvious solution is microblading and getting a perfect pair of brows for every occasion, whilst plucking or threading or seeking an expert it can sometimes be easy to wonder what the point even is of our eyebrows.

After all, they are such a tiny part of our face, just above the window to our souls. However, a lot of studies suggest that our eyebrows matter a lot for how we recognise people and communicate our feelings.

A 2018 study into the evolution of the modern eyebrow noted that people did not always have eyebrows that could move, and early human ancestors had rigid and pronounced brow structures.

It suggested that because our smaller, more clearly defined brows were also easier to move, we were able to develop communication skills using our eyebrows that let us convey our emotions more easily and more subtly than our earlier ancestors could.

This led to a universal brow language of sorts, and whilst not every eyebrow twitch means the same thing in every culture, there are certain subconscious expressions that are effectively universal.

The reason for this is that the eyebrows frame the eyes themselves, and an eyebrow movement is often the result of a more subtle motion in the eyes.

They can be so important that a 2003 study found that people struggle to recognise some of the most famous faces in the world if they have their eyebrows taken off, even more so than if their eyes are taken out.

That is not to say that this is entirely universal, or that people suddenly become unrecognisable if they choose to shave their brows, but it does highlight why our eyebrows matter enough to us that we style them and seek out treatments like microblading.

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