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3 Top Makeup Tips To Try In Lockdown

If you’re wondering how to keep yourself entertained over the next few weeks while in lockdown because of the pandemic, now’s the perfect time to start experimenting with your makeup since you won’t have to worry about going anywhere and people seeing you looking less than your best.

Practice makes perfect where makeup is concerned and now you have all the time in the world to try out new looks, so you’ll look amazing when we are finally allowed out to socialise once again.

Firstly, you should always wash your face and cleanse, tone and moisturise properly before you put any makeup on, as this will help prep your skin and ensure that your makeup goes on properly and stays on for longer.

If you love your eyeshadows but often worry that they don’t look as big or as bold as you’d like, you can instantly make them look more vibrant by blending some white eyeliner pencil over your eyelids first and then using your eyeshadow over the top. Give it a go - we guarantee you’ll be doing this all summer long!

And who doesn’t love the winged eyeliner look? It’s a brilliant way of making your eyes come alive but it can be difficult to pull off.

So make it easy on yourself by using a spoon as a guide… simply hold the handle against the outer corner of your eye and draw a straight line in liquid eyeliner. Then turn the spoon so it hugs your eyelid and use the rounded edge to finish the look off to perfection.

When lockdown is over, come and see us at Katie’s Cosmetics for semi permanent makeup in Hull.

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