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YouTube Lets Viewers Try Make-Up Virtually

Over the years, more and more beauty fans have been turning to YouTube for advice on what make-up products to buy, looking at video reviews of new mascaras and lippies to determine whether they are any good.

Now, YouTube is introducing a new augmented reality (AR) feature that allows you to try on the make-up while watching the tutorial videos.

The AR Beauty Try-On app allows viewers to split the screen so they can compare the product on their own face to determine whether the colours work on their skin tone.

A spokesperson for Google said: “Thanks to machine learning and AR technology, it offers realistic, virtual product samples that work on a full range of skin tones.”

MAC has revealed it will be the first cosmetics brand to feature on the new app, enabling the public to try on various shades of its products to see whether they suit them. Once they have found the perfect colour for their skin, they will then be able to click on a link to the MAC store to be able to buy it.

This feature could really spark interest from make-up fans, with Google reporting that nearly a third (30 per cent) of viewers have already activated the AR experience on the YouTube app. Of those who have clicked on it, the average amount of time spent trying on new products virtually was 80 seconds.

Brides might be tempted to use this new AR feature to find the perfect make-up products for their Big Day. To really enhance their natural looks, they might also consider wedding microblading in Hull so they can have the perfect brows when they say ‘I do’.

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