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Why You Should Never Ever Attempt DIY Bleached Eyebrows

It seems that for many people, bleached eyebrows are the look of 2023, for better and for worse. But if you want to experiment with the look, please see a professional.

It is difficult to work out whether the bleached brow or the infamous Drew Barrymore pencil brows are more damaging in the long run, but as of right now the bleached eyebrow is the belle of the ball and has been since at least the 2022 Met Gala last May.

However, as with all fashion trends, there is a right way to get striking barely-there brows that involves getting a professional involved to help manage the often painful and dangerous bleaches involved, and a wrong way that involves doing it yourself.

Once influencers such as Kim Kardashian got in on the trend, it spread like wildfire.

It goes without saying that any bleaching routine involves the use of peroxides which at best are irritants on your skin that can be annoying and uncomfortable, and at worst can cause chemical burns that can blind you if you do not treat them quickly.

Even when done “correctly” (in the loosest possible sense given that most people should never do this themselves), cosmetic bleaching products can cause bad skin reactions and inflame allergies, as well as cause long-term damage to the skin and hair if applied too liberally and too intensely.

This leaves fashionistas with two options if they want to follow the latest trend. For the committed, the best option is to leave it to a beautician with expertise working with peroxide. They will ensure you have a striking, professional look whilst keeping you safe and minimising irritation.

Alternatively, there is always makeup. A corrector or concealer applied with a mascara wand will in just a few seconds provide a very similar albeit temporary look, with no long-term implications.

For more advice about microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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