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Why The Doja Cat Look Is Not For Everyone

Getting your eyebrows looking great is something huge numbers of women make a major priority, as we see every week. But it is fair to say not everyone regards microblading as the best approach for their brows.

Some, of course, are happy with the way their eyebrows look from day to day, but Grammy-winning rapper Doja Cat has taken a somewhat different approach, shaving them off along with the hair on her head.

She has said she has never been so happy - or an expletive-ridden phrase to that effect - with her new look, and has given a similarly graphic piece of advice to critics about what they should do if they don’t like it.

The singer admitted she “never liked having hair” and some fans took a more positive and affirmative view than those who decided to troll her. This may not be without good reason; after all, with her feeling this way, one might muse that an awful lot of problems could have been avoided if she was married to Will Smith.

For most women it is safe to say that having hair is something they rather like and that will go for eyebrows too. That’s why there will always be plenty of demand for microblading eyebrows in Hessle & Hull.

Indeed, even if you never have tried microblading before, it’s not too late to start; the Guardian recently reported on the case of Linda Parker, a woman from Guildford who turned 60 last year and drew up a list of things to do next. This included microblading to restore eyebrows she had all but lost, a move that gave her a huge confidence boost.

She explained: “I had no eyebrows. I had completely lost them. I felt pallid and invisible.” But after the microblading treatment, she felt so upbeat she boldly applied for and got a new job in a local arts centre. “It’s given me my mojo back,” she declared.

Whether the arts centre will host any performances by Doja Cat is not known, but it is fair to say that for Linda Parker, the path to feeling good about herself was very different indeed.

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