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Why Facial Shape Impacts Brows

If you are thinking of undertaking microblading in Hull, you may have been influenced by images of famous ladies looking fabulous with their immaculate brows.

However, it is not simply a case of seeing a particular style and deciding you want to copy it. A microblading expert has advised that facial shape will determine just what the ideal look would be for you.

Speaking to The Sun, London-based microblader Laura Kay said there are six different facial shapes, each requiring a particular modification for the best look, giving celebrity examples in each case.

The ‘heart shape face’ of someone like Michelle Keegan, with a pointy chin and larger brow, is suited by fuller and thicker brows, as is the rectangular face shape of Sarah Jessica Parker, while “subtle and straight arches” best suit someone with an ‘oblong’ face like Gwen Stefani.

Kate Middleton’s ‘oval shaped’ face has naturally gained a lot of attention down the years, with Ms Kay suggesting the “flat and too finely plucked” brows of her early days made her look older, whereas her present “fuller, brushed up and fluffy” style now makes her look more youthful.

Other styles include “darker, more groomed” look of round-faced Kylie Jenner and the “soft angled arch with a longer tail to the brow” that helps the jaw of Angelina Jolie’s ‘square face’ look slimmer.

All these celebrities, she noted, have changed their brow styles for the better over time, having previously had unsuitable looks.

If your own brow style has not provided a great look over time, it may be that it has not been suited to your own face and you need a different style.

Many new beauty treatments are increasingly focused on the exact shape of the face. An example is the new Tik-Tok craze of ‘Tantouring’, which focuses on adding tanner to areas of the face that are highly contoured, like the cheekbones and jawline.

Clearly, therefore, it is important to find a microblading style that works with your facial shape, not against it.

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