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Why Eyebrow Tints And False Tan May Not Mix

During these bitterly cold winter months, many of us want a little taste of sunnier days ahead.

To that end, many of us add a dash of sun in a bottle to our daily routine with the help of a spray tan, but if you want to do this, try not to follow the lead of beauty enthusiast Imogen Horton in a now-infamous video on TikTok and pair it with an eyebrow tint.

The result, as Ms Horton found out to her horror, was that her semi-permanent brow colouring was stained with a somewhat luminous orange.

The problem was that unlike a course of microblading or a professionally done tint, she had used a home kit to apply the tint, and after using more of the tint than normal, she applied fake tan before the tint had fully dried, meaning that the tanning product had managed to seep into her eyebrows.

She posted the video, barely containing her laughter at the silliness of her mistake before begging viewers for help getting it off.

Thankfully, despite her worries, it is not a permanent problem, and many fellow beauty enthusiasts were on hand to make suggestions for how she could remove it herself.

One suggestion was to go over the reddy areas with a brow pencil and wait until it fades. As even the best tints only last a week at most, the colour should fade quickly.

Failing that, a way to remove the tint quicker could involve using a clarifying shampoo, traditionally used to get rid of build-up in your hair.

Simply brush through the brows using an eyebrow brush, wait a minute and then rinse off. This should get most of the tint out and with that the false tan part as well.

One final trick, typically used to get rid of stubborn false tan is to apply a whitening toothpaste, which contains sodium bicarbonate, an ingredient that can remove false tan in just a few minutes.

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