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What Will Raise Eyebrows In 2024?

As the end of the year approaches, many people will be thinking about what changes they can make to their lifestyles, what fashion styles will be big in 2024, and what TikTok trends we will be obsessed with that we haven’t even heard of yet. 

It isn’t just fashion, film and music that is set to change over the next 12 months, but the world of beauty will also undergo a revolution, as it does every year. 

In terms of eyebrows, trends have changed considerably over the decades, from the skinny brows of the ‘90s to the more natural bushy looks of today. 

In 2024, brow lamination and microblading will still both be popular, which use semi-permanent make-up to add fullness and shape to the eyebrow. 

Laminated brows are still fluffy while also being perfectly groomed, and microbladed ones create a neat arched look that really helps to shape your face.

They aren’t the only eyebrow trends that will be requested in 2024, however, as many ladies will ask for ombre brows. 

This look is when the centre of the brows is lighter than the outer edges, with the colour added in a series of fine dots. The semi-permanent tattoo treats both the skin and hair and typically lasts for around six weeks. 

Colourful eyebrows are also going to be big next year, with braver ladies opting for bold shades to allow them to express their creativity. 

Any colour goes for this look, from pastel pinks to raging red, as more women will use their brows as another way to showcase their personality. 

At the same time, bleached brows are going to be popular, as they help highlight other features on the face, from beautiful cat eyes to the perfect pout. 

It also means those who have very fair hair can embrace their natural colour without having to regularly dye it, as everyone will be envious of their bleach blonde brows. 

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