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What Semi-Permanent Makeup Options Are Available?

Semi-permanent makeup can be the answer to all your problems. No more waking up in the morning to sit In front of your mirror for an hour getting ready for the day, you can simply get up and go.

The idea of semi-permanent makeup can be daunting, however most options are subtle, natural and do eventually fade over time. There are a variety of options out there to suit any wants and needs you may have.

One of the most popular types of semi-permanent makeup is microblading. Eyebrows frame the face and it can be a struggle getting them to match every time.

With microblading, a fine needle is used to deposit ink into the skin to mimic natural brow hairs, providing fullness and shape. This helps to even the brows and give a more flattering shape to them, highlighting your natural features.

Another popular semi-permanent procedure is lip blushing. This involves tattooing a subtle colour over the lips to achieve your desired look.

Lip blushing can help to provide more shape and dimension to the lip, making it appear fuller and plumper as well as helping to even out any hyperpigmentation.

There are a variety of intensities with lip blushing, from very subtle natural colours to more pink or red tones for a light, lipsticked look.

One less common but still incredibly beautiful form of semi-permanent makeup is eyeliner. This can be a great way to enhance the shape of your eye and provide some definition and shadow.

This can be a great procedure for those with sensitive eyes too, who may find that using makeup products around the eye area daily can be irritating and painful.

Semi-permanent eyeliner can be done in a range of colours and styles, from subtle brown lash-line enhancements to black winged eyeliner looks.

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