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What Microblading Trends Are On The Up This Year?

Having spent so much of 2020 in your own home, you could be forgiven for having let your beauty routines slide a little. However, with the promise of some semblance of normality soon, now is the perfect time to decide which beauty treatments you’ll have done once you’re able to.

As an article for Forbes recently pointed out, while microblading is still a popular option there are a number of other options that you may also want to consider.

The concept of having semi permanent eyebrows in Hull, or wherever you live, is likely to appeal if you’ve spent your life pencilling in your eyebrows. While microblading is probably the best-known option, there are a few other techniques to watch out for this year.

Among them, the news provider noted, is microshading, which it explained is typically better for those with sensitive skin. It differs from microblading in that the colour is introduced to the skin in small dots, rather than brush strokes.

Micro feathering, meanwhile, is another option and one that is designed specifically to cover up sparse patches in the arches of your brows, using a similar technique to microshading.

Elle Australia recently highlighted the growing trend of nano brows, which is very similar to microblading but the procedure is slightly different in that it uses a single-needle tattoo machine as opposed to microblading tools which use several small needles.

The main difference that this is able to deliver is in terms of how deep the pigment penetrates the skin. Nano blading puts the ink deeper into the skin than microblading, which means it can last for two to three years before needing a refresh.

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