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What Is The Difference Between Permanent And Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Microblading and semi-permanent makeup are the sweet spot between the two extremes when it comes to makeup; you can have a look that lasts longer than half an evening but shorter than a lifetime.

Both permanent and semi-permanent makeup treatments are forms of micropigmentation, where an expert will carefully tattoo a particular type of makeup onto the skin, taking care to match the texture and style of a natural brow look.

The difference between the two is in intensity and duration. Whilst semi-permanent makeup is still a tattoo and injects pigment ink into the skin, it generally will remain within the epidermis layer, which means that as the skin naturally sheds and rejuvenates itself, the makeup will slowly fade.

By contrast, permanent makeup is generally injected into the dermal layer, sometimes going as far as the subcutaneous tissue underneath the skin. This is why tattoos last as long as they do, eventually fading slightly but lasting for years before they do.

This means that someone who opts for permanent makeup has to think in the long term; given that brow styles change so frequently, are you willing to commit to an eyebrow style you cannot change for years if not decades?

As well as this, whilst any needle is going to be a little uncomfortable, there is a massive difference between the discomfort felt with an epidermal level tattoo and one under the surface.

This is true regardless of where you have the tattoo but it is felt a lot more where you would typically have makeup tattoos, such as the eyebrows, the cheeks, the lips and around the eyes.

There is also fading to consider; permanent makeup does not disappear, but as with old tattoos, they can fade without semi-regular touching up, whilst semi-permanent makeup is beautiful and then fades quickly after a few months depending on your skincare routine.

This gives you a chance to have the convenience of permanent makeup without having to commit for years to a style you might want to change later.

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