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What Is An Ombre Powder Brow Treatment?

The answer is that it could well be the next big trend in the area of microblading! As an article for Refinery 29 recently noted, ombre powder brows are one of the latest approaches to this form of semi-permanent makeup.

Cat Chung, lead artist at Tint Brow Studio in New York, spoke to the news provider about how ombre powder brows differ from traditional microblading and why they’re making waves.

According to the publication, ombre powder brow treatments “diffuse the drama of a tattooed eyebrow”.

Ms Chung explained, “It involves lighter shading in the front of the brow with gradual darkening towards the tails, which creates a super-natural result.”

Celeste Northern recently underwent the treatment with Ms Chung and said that she loves the result because the result is more subtle than traditional microblading. “This is definitely a confidence booster,” she said after the treatment.

Speaking to Better Homes & Gardens recently, eyebrow expert Joey Healy explained the difference between ombre powder brow treatments and microblading, noting that while both involve applying semi-permanent ink to the brow, the ombre powder treatment uses a tattoo pen to make dots, rather than the short hair-like strokes that are applied during microblading.

He added that ombre powder brow treatments can also be known as microshading. For the most natural results, he recommends combining this with microblading, using microblading at the front and microshading towards the tail of the brow.

Keen to book yourself in for a treatment to get semi permanent eyebrows in Hull once lockdown ends? Get in touch today to find out more.

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