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What Happens In A Microblading Session?

If you’ve been reading about microblading in beauty magazines and online, and you’re not entirely happy with your eyebrows, you might be considering the procedure. But it can also be a bit nerve-wracking if you’re not sure what it will entail.

Writing for Little Things recently, Ileana Paules-Bronet described her experiences of microblading. She explained that she decided to have the procedure because she naturally has hair that’s dirty blonde in colour, but because she’s been dying her hair red her eyebrows are lighter than her hair colour.

“Every day for the past couple of years I’ve used a few different eyebrow pencils to fill in my brows and make them look a bit bolder,” she wrote.

But microblading has changed all of that. Ileana described the process. It all begins with a consultation and then penciling in the brows. This means you can tinker with the shape and style before the real work begins.

The next stage is numbing your brow area, before your beautician goes to work with a specially designed blade to add the pigment. According to Ms Paules-Bronet, this doesn’t hurt.

After-care is an important element of microblading, so you need to make sure your follow the advice you’re given. That includes not using brow makeup for at least a week after your appointment and applying special cream twice a day.

Six to eight weeks after your initial session, you’ll usually go for a perfecting session, where your beautician can check you’re healing properly and make any minor adjustments.

If you’ve been thinking about booking microblading in Hull, maybe this could be enough to encourage you to make an appointment?

Last month, the Express suggested that microblading could be the solution if you’re looking for perfect eyebrows like Meghan Markle. The procedure allows you to copy your celebrity style icon without having to spend time each day applying makeup.

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