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Use Microblading To Fill In Eyebrow Patches

Microblading has really taken off over the last couple of years, with celebrities all over the world getting semi-permanent eyebrows in Hull and other major cities as a low-maintenance way to have perfect brows.

Indeed, it is well-known that having groomed eyebrows with a distinct arch helps to frame facial features, and the majority of women try all sorts of techniques to improve their eyebrows and define their face.

Vogue recently reported that 80 million women in the US have used an eyebrow pencil this year, while millions of others have had their brows threaded, waxed or tinted to create that perfect arch.

Eyebrow pencils are typically used by ladies who want to fill in patches, as many women suffer from an uneven spread of hair.

Celebrity brow artist Kelley Baker said: “Filling in brows can be tough, especially when they’re thin.” This is because you end up drawing the entire eyebrow, instead of just filling it in, which can look dated – not to mention risky in wet weather!

Instead, brow expert Tamara Palumbo, who spoke to the woman’s glossy recently, said microblading is great for those wanting a bit more volume to their brows without grabbing the pencil.

“Done with a microfine, little blade, microblading creates hair strokes by making superficial cuts in the skin and then filling it with pigment,” she stated, adding that the effect could last up to a year, meaning ladies do not have to worry about bald eyebrow patches for a long time.

Someone who is famous for her full eyebrows is supermodel-cum-actress Cara Delevigne, who told InStyle she wanted small eyebrows when she was younger, but has started to appreciate her enviable assets.

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