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Top Tips To Get Ready For Microblading

Microblading is a fantastic way to get and retain textured, full-looking eyebrows without the need for constant makeup and maintenance.

As a semi-permanent makeup, the system works similarly to other cosmetic tattoos, where pigment is added to the skin using fine needles that provide the shape and texture of eyebrow hairs.

Whilst the main responsibility you have whilst the treatment is taking place is to relax and keep as still as possible whilst the treatment is taking place, here are some other tips to get yourself as ready as you can be.

Leave Your Natural Brows

Before your treatment, you will have an appointment with your microblading artists, who will look at your brows and determine the style that suits you best.

To make this easy as possible for them, try to avoid plucking, tweezing, waxing or threading your brows beforehand, as it may disguise how your brows usually grow and create a style that is less suitable for your current brows.

As well as this, if you have a particular brow look you have every day, you can wear makeup when you meet your artist, and see if that style can be replicated through microblading.

Get In Early

Like any appointment, try to arrive half an hour before your scheduled time, as this will give you a chance to get settled in, have a conversation with your microblading artist and ask any last-minute questions.

As well as this, the treatment can last for up to three hours due to the artistic work involved, so cancel other plans you have for the day and relax.

Avoid Exercising Before Your Appointment

Exercising, alcohol and caffeinated drinks can affect your microblading result as they can affect the circulation of blood around your body and open pores.

As well as this, do not take any blood-thinning medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin and vitamin E before your treatment, and avoid any harsh skin care products such as retinols, peels and sun exposure.

For more information about microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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