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Top Tips For Microblading Aftercare

Microbladed eyebrows can help to enhance your natural eyebrow or completely change the shape of your eyebrow and are a great option for those looking for effortless, perfect eyebrows every day.

The process of having your eyebrows microbladed includes having pigment deposited into the skin using a very thin, needle-like blade. Although this should be painless, thanks to the use of numbing cream, you still need to properly care for your eyebrows afterwards.

First, you should avoid touching the area too much. Gently blotting any excess fluid from your eyebrows with a clean, soft tissue is okay but try not to itch or wipe the area with your hands.

This helps to keep your eyebrows as clean as possible and gives your eyebrows the chance to start healing. It also helps to prevent any of the pigment from being disturbed.

Gentle washing of the area is okay, however, you should avoid using a swiping or scrubbing motion. Instead, gently dab the area with a skin-safe antibacterial soap and ensure you rinse thoroughly to avoid any excess product remaining on the eyebrow.

You should aim to keep the area as dry as possible, so gently blotting with a soft towel after a shower or washing your face is helpful. If your face gets wet during the day, you should try and gently dry the area as soon as possible to help aid the healing process.

Using an aftercare ointment or moisturiser is okay, however, you should apply this minimally as it could prolong the healing time if overapplied. This should only be applied to dry skin and in some cases may not be needed at all.

It is important to discuss the healing process with your cosmetic artist beforehand and follow their advice to ensure you follow all the correct steps and that your brows heal properly without issue.

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