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Top Tips For Guys Searching For The Perfect Brows

While there’s a lot written for women about shaping their brows and getting the perfect look to frame their face, there’s much less said on the subject when it comes to men’s eyebrows.

GQ, however, is rectifying this and has been speaking to an eyebrow expert and celebrity makeup artist in New York. Bob Scott specialises in helping men shape their perfect brows.

He explained that men have different challenges to women when it comes to eyebrows, but that they also have some natural advantages, such as the fact that their facial hair doesn’t thin as much as they age.

Mr Scott’s approach is about giving men natural-looking brows. He doesn’t advise men to have their brows threaded because “people will be able to tell you got your eyebrows done because it leaves very crisp and defined lines”.

Instead, he advises tweezing, which allows you to do “the bare minimum you need to make a pronounced difference” while ensuring that nobody will really be able to tell that you’ve had your eyebrows done.

However, Mr Scott revealed that the thing that makes the biggest difference to his clients is eyebrow tinting. This makes “everything more defined and appear more dense” he stated. It’s also something that he believes all men can benefit from, even those with naturally full brows.

For men who have thinner brows, or who have maybe tried to shape their own eyebrows in the past and have over-plucked, microblading in Hull may be worth considering.

Another thing we recently highlighted, that can benefit men and women alike, is exfoliating around the eyebrows, particularly in the winter months, as this is when our skin is most likely to become dry and a little flaky.

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