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Top Tips For Fixing Uneven Eyebrows

Over the past 18 months, our eyebrows have done a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to framing our faces and eyes whilst we have been out and about.

Eyebrow styles have changed wildly through the ages but there has been one golden rule that has endured through the ages; keep them symmetrical.

Whilst you can get away with a small, well-placed eyebrow slit, uneven eyebrows are quite noticeable and can be quite a bother.

Before you reach for the tweezers, however, follow these top tips for battling uneven eyebrows.

Let Them Grow

Leave your brows for at least a month before you start plucking stray hairs.

In general, you should not pluck any eyebrows aside from obviously out of place ones in the centre, as this can affect the future growth of your eyebrows.

If you are fine with pencilling them in later or using semi-permanent makeup, that is not a problem, but to make the most of your eyebrow hairs, try to let them grow out a little.

Pencil Them In

A good eyebrow pencil is every pair’s best friend, as they are very good at helping to shape perimeter lines, patch up holes and help add depth and form to your eyebrows.

Your best choice is a pencil with a triangular edge, as it allows for you to gradually build up outlines and textures, with a pointed tip to help add details.

Start With The Bridge

It can sometimes be difficult to measure where your brows start, but the best place to start is whether your brows are equally distant from the bridge of your nose and level. Carefully tweeze under the low one, and make sure your brows do not lift too high.

For beautiful, even eyebrows without the hassle, contact us today about microblading in Hull.

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