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Top Tips For Eradicating Annoying Eyebrow Spots

As the seasons change, our skin often has to adapt to very different conditions, and this can lead to dry skin, dermatitis and spots.

Most people deal with acne now and again, and whilst it can be frustrating wherever it happens on your face, it can be particularly awkward to handle when it emerges on your eyebrows.

As acne is typically caused by bacteria and excess oil, eyebrows can be particularly prone to breakouts, and this can be frustrating if you are preparing your face for a microblading treatment.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to fix this, to remove spots and stop them from getting worse.

Double Cleanse Your Browns

Most people tend to use a cleanser as a natural part of their routine in the morning, at night and after doing anything particularly sweaty, but if you use products on your brows, cleaning them with makeup remover or micellar water before using your regular cleanser can help clear them up.

Try To Avoid Popping Them

Not only is it kind of disgusting, but popping or picking spots not only pushes the pus deeper in and potentially risks further inflammation but can also transfer dirt from your fingers into your skin, making a breakout worse.

Try A Spot Treatment

There are a lot of options when it comes to spot treatments, from standard, over-the-counter pads and creams, to prescription solutions used after consultation with a dermatologist.

The most common options are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, both of which are found in popular treatments you can find in pharmacies and many supermarkets.

Both of them can be quite harsh, so use a tiny bit at first to gauge how your skin will handle it, but used regularly it can treat pulsing spots and keep them from breaking out.

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