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Top Beauty Trends From New York Fashion Week

It can be hard to take your eyes off the amazing clothes being paraded down the runways at New York Fashion Week, but look a little closer and you’ll see some exceptional makeup and hairstyles on show too.

Vogue has picked out some of the top beauty trends to watch this year, based on what was on show at the famous US fashion event.

First up is jet black eyeliner, which the magazine described as “still the ultimate stamp of cool”. A number of makeup artists experimented with this makeup bag staple, including Marina Moscone who created “punkish negative-space cat eyes drawn on extra thick to Cleopatra-like effect”.

There’s also a clear move towards even more sparkle in makeup, from shimmering eye shadow to glittering highlighter on the cheekbones. You can go all out and even use actual Swarovski crystals in your look too.

Nail art has also made a comeback at New York Fashion Week this year, with a number of fashion houses using everything from bold colours and patterns to actual pearls attached to nails to make a statement.

Of course, whatever makeup trends you decide to experiment with this spring and summer, you’ll want to make sure your basics are on point.

If one area you struggle with is your eyebrows, consider having semi permanent eyebrows in Hull to save you the hassle of pencilling your brows in every day. Still not convinced? Beauty Crew recently noted that the procedure will give you “fuss-free” and “natural-looking” brows; what more could you want?

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