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Top Beauty Treatments To Try This Year

If you think that you need to give yourself a little TLC this year you may want to arrange one of the beauty treatments recommended by Woman & Home recently.

The publication picked out a host of options at different price points and targeting different parts of your body to give you a boost.

At the top of the list is a new treatment known as a hydrafacial. This particular treatment is said to clear congestion, smooth your skin’s texture, boost its collagen production, and result in plumper-looking skin.

Also on the list is getting a brow tidy. Writing for the publication, Fiona McKim stated: “For absolute ease, speed and bang for your buck, I reckon nothing beats a brow tidy.”

If you want to take this a step further, you could book in for microblading in Hull to get your eyebrows back to their best. If you’ve got thinner brows than you’d like then this is the perfect way to make them look fuller and save you hours with a brow pencil.

You could also consider a full-body pampering session by going for a spa day. Worried that this is a bit out of your price range? Download the Treatwell app and search for deals on spa days and treatments in your area, the website suggested.

If you want to revamp your look by experimenting with some new makeup, you might find that the stars who graced the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala provide some excellent inspiration. Among the trends highlighted by Harper’s Bazaar were coloured eyeshadow and big hair styles.

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