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Time To Start Planning For Your Wedding Microblading

Summer is wedding season and if you are going to be heading to a church, registry office or any other licensed venue in or around Hull a few months from now for your nuptials, now will no doubt be a busy time for preparation.

While there will be plenty of attention on your dress, shoes, jewellery and hair, you might want to look yourself in the eye - and decide what to do with your eyebrows.

Getting wedding microblading in Hull makes a great deal of sense when you consider that this may be the most photographed occasion of your life. That does raise some important questions to consider, however. The first is this: how near to your wedding day should you have them done?

Cosmopolitan approached this question by asking Liana Jessica, a celebrity microblading artist in London, who advised that it should be done three months before the big day. The reason for this is that the first appointment and treatment will require between four and six weeks of recovery time before the second visit for retouching to ensure everything is in place.

“This is to make sure that any parts of the brows that need more colour can get retouched,” she noted.

If you have never had microblading before, this may be particularly important, as an artist who has not treated your particular brows before will be less likely to get the colour exactly as it needs to be at the first time of asking. But this is not a problem; retouching is a normal part of the process and if you are a repeat customer, you will essentially be getting a retouch anyway, not a new treatment.

Even so, it can be useful to check out different colour possibilities beforehand. Wedding Wire, which also advises an early appointment, recommends a patch test. This will show how a colour will match (or not) with your skin tone, as well as identifying any allergies.

So if you fancy getting microblading before a summer wedding, it’s a good idea to book your appointment now.

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