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Three Common Mistakes When Taking Care Of Your Eyebrows At Home

Over the last twelve months, our eyebrows have done a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to our look, and many of us found unique ways to get the style we wanted.

However, during this collective DIY beauty experiment, we also found three common mistakes nearly all of us ended up doing at home last year, proving that some tasks are best handled by the professionals.

Trimming Too Much

If you don’t have experience with trimming eyebrows it is quite difficult to tell how much needs to come off, which can make your eyebrows too short or asymmetrical and spoil a look.

It is best left to the professionals who can give you an ideal look.

Tweezing The Top Of Your Brow

Tweezing rogue hairs is fine, for the most part, but be careful, not to take too many hairs out from the middle of your eyebrows, unless they are rogue or grey or clearly should not be there.

A rule of thumb, or finger in this case, is to put a finger above the bridge of your nose and only pluck hairs that are underneath your finger, so you do not take too much and make your brows too short.

Salon Treatments At Home

People really want the salon treatment and will buy home solutions if they need to in order to get that look.

At best, home treatments will not work, at worst they can cause a world of problems for your hair and your skin.

Whether it is microblading, brow lamination or other treatments, it is best to book an appointment and let the professionals handle it.

For high-quality microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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