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The Return Of The Bleached-Brow Look

The last few years have been a whirlwind when it comes to eyebrows, in no small part because they picked up a much heavier load for a person’s look during a time when half of a person’s face was behind a mask.

This did not necessarily lead to the end of the 2010s renaissance for thick, bushy brows, but has led instead to a range of different, daring styles reemerging in popularity.

In particular, several long-lost trends of Y2K fashion came back, one of the most controversial of which alongside Drew Barrymore’s infamous thin eyebrows being bleached eyebrows.

Both of these are striking looks for the same reason; they shift attention away from the eyebrows, which are typically used in makeup design as the frame for your face and the arbiters of emotion, and are a bold experiment, although one that is risky and difficult to maintain.

One of the issues with bleached brows that is not always obvious when you see celebrities like Kim Kardashian rock the look is that eyebrows grow pretty quickly and so you end up with blonde eyebrows with dark roots, something that cannot be spot treated.

The way around this, since you need to wait until your brows have fully grown in again before giving them an even lift is to use a tinted brow gel to disguise the roots, or even to give the style a try with a brow lacquer or makeup.

As well as this, as with any other cosmetic bleaching, it is strongly advised to get a professional beautician to apply it, as bleach is much stronger than dyes and can lead to chemical burns and dry brow hairs if not applied properly, although eyebrow serum can help with this.

For more information and advice about eyebrows and microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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