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The Makeup Trends of Spring 2021

While March has been a rather chilly month so far, the signs of spring are very much with us, from the golden daffodils appearing on grass verges to the rapidly lengthening daylight hours.

All that means the winter looks, from clothing to fashion, will soon be obsolete and with optimism growing that the easing of lockdown will gradually continue, opportunities to get out and about and be seen will increase.

For that reason, it’s time to take note of the fast-approaching equinox and consider a key question: What will be the make-up trends of spring 2021? If you are looking for semi-permanent makeup in Hull, it’s important to know what’s going to be in vogue this year.

Of course, opinions will vary, but Escentual is convinced that a “your skin but better” look will be dominant. This will feature bases that enhance and maintain a natural look using hydrating products, rather than masking them. It notes that Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu are two fashion designers who have focused on giving their models this look in recent months.

Complementing this will be the emergence of the ‘dolphin skin’ trend, giving skin a gleaming complexion as if you have just got out of the water.

However, not everything will be about natural shades and glows, with smoky bedroom eyes being the most popular eye shadow trend and gleaming lips adding a contrasting brightness.

Yahoo Life has also predicted plenty of colour and vitality for this year, perhaps as a signal that everything feels that it is coming back to life following a period of deep gloom. Experts Dominic Skinner and Nicholas Lujan are agreed that colour will definitely be big in 2021.

However, this prediction suggests brighter shades for eye shadow, so maybe the dark, smoky look is a niche one for special occasions.

Since actually having special occasions at all may be a highlight of this year, there will certainly be good reasons to get involved with trends that spell vitality and optimism, capturing the zeitgeist of a year that should turn out so much better than its predecessor.

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