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The Dos And Don’ts Of Eyebrow Care

Our eyebrows are a hugely important part of our face and often are one of the first things we notice about someone due to the way they frame our eyes.

Because of this, there are more eyebrow treatments available than ever before. From grooming to brow lamination to microblading, we go to great lengths in search of the perfect look.

Here are some top tips to make sure that in the pursuit of a perfect arch we take good care of our eyebrow hairs.

Brush Downward

Eyebrows grow downward, and much like how it is better for your hair to brush away from the scalp, it is better to brush your eyebrows in the same direction they grow to help them look soft and fill in the gaps you sometimes get in the upper eyebrows.

Keep Them Moisturised

Much like how you need to keep your hair moisturised to maintain a strong, silky-smooth look, the same is true for eyebrows. Dry eyebrows can get irritated and fall out, so either use a brow conditioner or a hair oil such as argon or coconut oil.

Choose Threading Over Waxing

Generally, you should try to avoid removing too many errant eyebrows yourself, as all too often we get overzealous and end up with gaps in our skin, but if you want to remove hairs, avoid shaving and waxing.

Whilst they will do the job, they can also be intensely painful and because your eyebrows are close to your eyes, run the risk of really hurting yourself if you’re not careful.

Although with shaving you are less likely to accidentally cut your eye, it can still cause cuts, grazes and irritation, as well as blunt your brow hairs.

For easy, hassle-free eyebrows, ask about microblading in Hull today.

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