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The Differences Between Nanoblading And Microblading

Microblading has become a familiar term over the last few years, as women all over the world have opted for this semi-permanent make-up to create thicker, natural-looking brows.

However, there is a new procedure to get acquainted with these days - nanoblading. To find out what the differences are between the two, read on.

While microblading involves many needles to create strokes of pigment on the eyebrow, nanoblading uses just one needle and imprints pigmentation deeper into the sin.

Therefore, while is known to last several months to even a year and a half, nanoblading may give you fuller brows for up to three years.

However, there are still benefits to opting for microbladed brows instead. These include being able to fill in missing hairs, and creating more definition and a stronger brow, according to Glam.

Nanoblading creates a natural look, so it is better suited to women who do not usually put on make-up or cover up their eyebrows. It follows the customer’s individual eyebrow hair, so results are much more subtle.

Your skin type might also dictate which procedure you opt for. As nanoblading causes less trauma to the skin during the process, it is a good option for those who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

Customers with normal to dry skin should opt for microblading though, as oily skin could push out the pigmentation faster, resulting in it fading more quickly.

Nanoblading isn’t just for brows though, as a similar procedure is used to apply semi-permanent lip liner or colour to lips. This is popular as it can make uneven lips appear more symmetrical. It also means ladies who change the colour of their lips don’t have to bother constantly reapplying their lippie.

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