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Smoky Blue Eyeshadow Is The Shade Of The Season!

This season, there is a new take on the sultry charcoal eyes that have dominated the past few years. According to Glamour magazine, blue is where it’s at this year. For those who can remember the last time blue eyeshadow was fashionable, this might ring some alarm bells. However, there’s plenty of great tutorials on TikTok to help create the look with confidence.

The look is a lot more subtle than the garish turquoise tinged shades that were once fashionable, thankfully. The new smoky blue is more metallic, with a grey base. The classic winged shape is drawn across the lids first in a black or dark grey, and then a shimmery blue shade is brushed over the lids.

Make-up artist Terry Barber told Harper’s Bazaar: “Blue eyeshadow in the past has always divided opinion, mostly viewed as something comedic and ironic rather than beautifying – often associated with sitcom caricatures, pageant princesses and Abba tribute bands".

"The new approach has more of a cool, chic sensibility to it with subtle tinted textures and more considered shades, with options ranging from a duck-egg wash to a shimmery jewelled teal. Blue eyeshadow can now be understated freshness or it can be high glamour. What it doesn’t have to be is simply retro.”

Stars such as Jenifer Lopez and Nicola Coughlan of Bridgerton have been spotted on Instagram and out and about sporting sizzling blue smoky eyes. The look is complemented by full, groomed eyebrows which work to emphasis the eye.

A popular way to achieve more defined brows is through the application of semi-permanent make-up. This gives the eyebrows a nice regular, even appearance without the need to apply powder, gels, or pencils on a daily basis. It is a process that can be carried out by a professional beauty therapist.

If you are looking for microblading eyebrows in Hull, talk to us today.

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