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Top Skin Care Products To Try This Autumn

While we love experimenting with makeup trends, we know that part of the secret to a flawless look is having a strong skin care regime.

If you’ve taken the time, effort and money to get your perfect semi permanent eyebrows in Hull you understand the importance of looking after your appearance, and that’s why skin care should be at the top of your list of things to get right.

There are always new trends popping up, and Refinery29 has recently highlighted the top skin care products to look out for this autumn.

To give your complexion a lift as we move from the warmth of summer to the chillier weather of autumn, invest in a pumpkin mask. The squash offers fruit enzymes and vitamins, which makes it the ideal ingredient for products that offer “brightening and gentle exfoliation” for your skin.

Another ingredient you should look out for is bakuchiol. It’s being hailed as a natural alternative to retinol and, according to the website, it is “clinically proven to boost collagen production, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, correct hyperpigmentation, and essentially do the things retinoids are known to do, without the drying side effects”.

It isn’t just ingredients and new products you should look out for - there is new technology too. The UFO Mini from Foreo, for example, is a USB chargeable product that uses warming, cooling and pulsating functionality, as well as LED light therapy, to provide the equivalent of a face mask.

Once you’ve revamped your skin care regime, you may want to try out one of autumnal beauty trends we recently suggested, such as using white eyeliner to make your eyes really pop.

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