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New Year’s Eyebrow Trends To Watch Out For

So 2022 was quite a year for eyebrow fashions, needless to say.

Whilst the biggest brow fashion story this year by far was Doja Cat’s daring and gorgeous shaved look, there have been more than a few unique experiments over the past few years, in no small part because their role of framing the face became even more important when people were masking up.

There were bleached looks, a return to plucking and threading, all kinds of accessories as well as some truly radical looks as people ripped up the rulebooks for what brows are supposed to be.

After three rather strange years for fashion, here are some of the trends to watch out for in the new year.

Bleach and Dyed Brows

Essentially, eyebrow fashions in 2023 are all about extremes, and whilst we will talk about a certain Y2K style that is also set to dominate the new year, a lot of styles will involve a somewhat maximalist approach, and maximalism means bright colours, bleached brows and rainbow dyes.

We have seen some tentative steps towards this already, with some celebrities bleaching their brows blonde and embracing the contrast to their natural hair colour, which is an amazing reversal of the typical approach of having dyed hair and natural brows.

Skinny Brows

When people think of skinny brows, they usually will have an instinctive reaction, particularly if they have lived through the Drew Barrymore era of eyebrow fashion. Many trends, including microblading and semi-permanent makeup, have this extreme style to thank.

However, you can get that look without plucking. Try brushing your brows into their natural shape and trimming the ends rather than plucking them out, whilst using an eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in the gaps.

Alternatively, for an easier eyebrow solution such as microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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