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Microblading Before Your Wedding Day

Preparing for your wedding will undoubtedly have your head swimming with so many things, especially when it comes to your bridal beauty prep. From hair extensions to teeth whitening, spray tans to nail colours, there’s a lot to consider.

But what about your brows? For those not blessed with Cara Delevingne-style bushy brows, you may be thinking about how to get thicker and bushier brows. But if you’re booking your microblading appointment, how long before your wedding should you get them done?

Microblading is a very popular semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, where your brow practitioner uses a small tool with ultra-fine needles to manually implant pigment into the skin to replicate ultra-fine hair strokes. They look incredibly natural and look just like real hair.

It is an ideal treatment for brides-to-be, as it is low maintenance and you won’t have to touch your brows on the big day. Your bridal makeup artist won’t need to spend time filling in your brows, meaning they have more time to focus elsewhere and ensure you look perfect!

How long before the wedding should you get your brows microbladed?

With the procedure typically being a two-part process, it is recommended to get an appointment three months before your wedding.

The initial treatment is where the shape is designed to suit your face and hair colour, your existing brows are threaded and tweezed to ensures that the hair is neat and groomed.

Once you’ve fully healed from the first treatment, then you need to go back for a second to ensure that any parts of the brow that need more colour can be retouched. The second appointment is generally around four to six weeks after the first, and you will need healing time after the second appointment too, so ensure you allow plenty of time before the big day!

If you’re looking for wedding microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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