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Meghan Markle Shows How To Switch Make-up Looks From Day To Night

In this day and age, most of us have busy lifestyles and we often do not have time to go home and get dolled up if we have evening plans after work.

That is why learning how to adapt your make-up from day to night is essential in buying you time when getting ready and still making you feel glammed up.

Former actress and now a member of the royal family Meghan Markle has proven she is an expert at switching up her look for the evening just by changing her make-up, with the Hollywood star regularly seen at public events all day long.

The Mail Online noted that one day last week she visited an animal welfare charity in north London before heading out to the premier of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in the evening.

The transition between the two events was flawless, with the Duchess of Sussex choosing a very natural – but beautiful – look for her daytime appearance, and a smokier, more glamorous choice of make-up for the date with her husband Prince Harry.

During the day, she went for a soft, dewy appearance, wearing luminating products on her face, as well as cream blusher and pink lipstick, which was thought to be Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria.

In fact, Charlotte Tilbury is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities on the red carpet lately. Speaking with Vogue, the make-up expert said that stars are increasingly opting for a “more understated” look for public appearances these days.

During the evening, Markle went for a more dramatic choice of make-up, with a deep raspberry red lip, bronzer on her cheeks, dark eyeshadow, and lashings of mascara.

If you want your make-up to last from morning to night, one other solution could be to opt for semi-permanent eyebrows in Hull, as this would at least save you time having to fill in your brows throughout the day.

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