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Makeup Hacks To Save You From The Heat This Summer

Summer is here and the heat is getting a little too much to handle. Our skin is already feeling congested and sticky from sweating all day and makeup can make it feel even heavier.

There are several tips and tricks you can try which can help you to still look flawless and fabulous this summer while giving your skin a much-needed break.

One of the best products you can invest in for the summer is a tinted SPF moisturiser. This helps to combine three of your daily skin steps into one simple product. Instead of having three layers of foundation, sun protection and moisturiser, you only have one!

This can help to prevent your skin from feeling too clogged up and heavy as it is a lightweight option that helps to hydrate, protect and even out your skin tone, providing light coverage and a natural finish.

Another summer essential is waterproof eye makeup. Eyeliner and mascara can sometimes melt off during the day, leaving you with the dreaded panda eye by the evening.

By using waterproof products your eye makeup will stay smear free and stunning all day long! You can find eyeliners in any form, pencil or liquid, in a waterproof formula so it is the perfect option.

Eyebrows aren’t safe from the summer sweats either. One way to help keep your eyebrows in line all day long, even on the hottest of days, is to use a good quality brow gel. This will help to slick the hair back and keep them tame and neat while also helping to hold your brow product in place.

You can also make the leap and have your eyebrows microbladed This means you can go makeup free and still have perfect, full and natural-looking brows that don’t budge.

Looking for eyebrow microblading in Hull? Give us a call today!

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