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Make Up Tips For Cold Days

As September ends and October arrives, there can be no more denying that the warm days of summer are behind us. And as autumn rolls on, the weather will get colder and the days darker.

That is certain to have an impact on your skin - and your make-up. Of course, there’s going to be no need for suncream and you won’t be sweating unless you’re doing something very energetic like a morning run, which is the sort of thing most would do before putting on their makeup.

For autumn, your skincare priorities need to be different. Although there may be many wet days, the occasions when it is dry will be significant. Lacking summer humidity, the cold and dry wind will drain moisture from your face, so you will need a good moisturiser to avoid getting dry skin. This goes for your lips too, while you also need to exfoliate regularly.

By keeping your skin in good shape, you can ensure you are ready to apply the makeup you want in the way that suits you. After all, nothing makes outing on lipstick more of a pain than trying to get it on over a layer of Vaseline because your dry lips became chapped.

When it comes to the makeup itself, now is a good time to apply brighter colours, either an autumnal orange or red. As an alternative, because you may prefer to defy the seasonal stereotypes, you could go for something contrasting like green or blue. The key is to apply it on a base that gives your skin the glow it would otherwise lose now summer is a fading memory.

You should never look at autumn and the coming winter as a time to hide your face away and wait for spring. This is a great time of year to be sociable, especially as thus was so much less possible a year ago, and that means you should push the boat out to look great and feel great this season.

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