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Katy Perry Raises Eyebrows With Tinkerbell Tints

Few people are more adept at making themselves look great than Katy Perry. It’s not just that she managed to somehow keep her hair immaculate in the jungle when producing the video for the song Roar: She has shown how she can change her appearance with some clever eyebrow work.

The Daily Mirror described the singer as “almost unrecognisable” after she tinted her eyebrows blonde to play the part of Tinkerbell for American Idol’s Disney Night, while the Daily Mail said she “pulled out all the stops” for the part.

With her hair dyed blonde and tied in a bun and a pair of pointy prosthetic ears, it was certainly a different look to the norm, complemented by a pair of wings, a wand and a shiny green short dress.

Indeed, the Mirror suggested she looked like the girlfriend of Legolas, the elf hero in Lord of the Rings played by Orlando Bloom.

However, if you are looking for a cosmetic treatment like semi-permanent eyebrows in Hull, it will involve something a little bit less ephemeral than the blonde fairy look Katie Perry was sporting.

While she may have played the part to a tee - sprinkling her comments with Disney references - Perry later posted online: “going to go dye my brows back now”.

Katy Perry is not the only American celebrity to have swapped her natural brunette tones for the blonde hair and eyebrows combination in recent days.

Last week, Kim Kardashian dyed her eyebrows for a photoshoot, with the blonde look being completed with a wig. However, she soon reverted to normal, posting a selfie online with the message: “I’m back to dark already, don’t worry.”

In the past, she has been known to dye her hair blonde, stating it was the preference of husband Kanye West, from whom she has now split.

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