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Julianne Moore Admits Eyebrows ‘Are Gone’

Julianne Moore did what most women did during the 1990s – messed around with their eyebrows to such an extent that there is now little left of them.

The Hollywood actress, who looks nothing short of beautiful in every role she plays, revealed she used to have insecurities about how she looked when she was growing up.

In an interview with The Times, she explained how she wanted to fit in with others, but most girls did not have the same fair skin, freckles or gorgeous auburn hair we have come to know her for.

Even though she, thankfully, did not alter these as a teenager, she did try to change how her eyebrows looked.

“As a teenager and as a young adult, I kept plucking them, bleaching them, doing all sorts of things to them, so they are really completely gone,” the 61-year-old told the publication.

Fans who have watched the actress in the likes of Still Alice, Boogie Nights, Magnolia and The Hunger Games to name a few are unlikely to have ever noticed, as Moore admits her brows are entirely “drawn on now”.

Learning from her mistakes, the actress has told her daughter Liv, who has “the most gorgeous dark eyebrows”, to leave them just as they are.

Moore, who most recently starred in When You Finish Saving The World alongside Finn Wolfhard, also told readers that you become less fixated with how you look as you get older, although she admitted: “I don’t think it goes away entirely.”

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