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Is Your Face Mask Giving You Eyebrow ‘Maskne’?

No matter how old you are, or how stringent your face cleansing routine may be, we all know that you can experience breakouts in sometimes the unlikeliest of places. Anywhere you have sebaceous glands (aka pores) has the potential to clog up with dirt and oil, and that includes finding acne along your eyebrows.

But if you’ve noticed more of these blemishes popping up at the moment, then you can blame the pandemic! Experts have pointed to the rise in needing to wear face masks that have a detrimental effect on your skin, or as it’s been dubbed, ‘maskne’.

If you’re wondering how this happens, and why your brows, and not your chin, mouth, or nose, it’s because wearing a mask can cause sweat to collect around the eyes - as wearers of glasses and masks are well aware!

Why is this? Our breath, because it’s warm rises, escaping via the top of the mask, and when that happens, heat and moisture gather and leads to clogged pores.

So what can you do? As annoying as face masks may be, given the risks of not wearing one, that’s not the answer.

Firstly, ensure you're thoroughly cleansing your face every day. Even if lockdown has had you makeup-free for months, you still have dirt, oil, and residue from past skincare products building up on your skin, and around the eyebrow area, especially if you use a bit of eyebrow gel.

It might be worth considering swapping out some of your brow products if you’re more susceptible to summer sweat. The properties that make gels great for keeping your brows fluffy and in place also can block your pores and cause breakouts. It’s recommended to switch to a powder-based product or pencils for the time being.

The breakouts and skin irritation from wearing your mask are not an excuse to skip wearing one, especially as the UK starts to ease up on lockdown restrictions. Just consider them a sign you should take extra care with your skin routine, swap out your brow products, or simply ditch the makeup altogether.

If you’re wanting to sort out your post-lockdown brows with microblading in Hull, come and see us today!

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