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Is Microblading A Long-Term Option?

If you are planning to microblading, there is a fair chance you will be among the many women who do this for a special occasion. A lot of brides do it before they are married as part of their make-up routine, while many guests undertake the procedure to look their best.

A bride may do it as a one-off, microblading is not permanent; it lasts for between 18 and 30 months, with touch-up sessions at 12 or 18 months.

This will leave some asking the question of whether it makes sense to come back and have it all done again when the effects have worn off.

It is a question that can be approached from more than one angle. For example, beauty magazine Allure approached the question from a health and safety perspective; it noted that the possible problems can include allergic reactions and infections.

However, this is because it is a tattoo procedure and thus it carries the same (small) risk as other minor cosmetic procedures.

This should also be put in perspective. A skilled practitioner will practice the best hygiene, which should minimise any infection risk.

As for an allergy, this won’t be an issue for anyone getting a repeat microblading treatment, for the obvious reason that if they were going to have such a reaction it would almost certainly have happened the first time.

A further question concerns one issue everyone faces. As we age, the ability of the skin to deal with everything life throws at it diminishes. It may fairly be asked whether microblading is appropriate for women of a certain age.

Blogger Suzanne W asked this very question three years ago when she was already in her 50s. Trying it out for herself, she found it actually worked very well and she was even told by one practitioner that her brows might last longer as she was older.

What all this suggests is that getting microblading is neither a one-off procedure that you can never repeat, nor high risk, nor just for the young. So if you want to get it done now, don’t hesitate.

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