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Is Caster Oil The Answer To Thicker Eyebrows?

Women can use a huge variety of expensive facial products, but sometimes the simplest ones work the best.

The naturally-occuring caster oil is now being famed as one of the best things you can buy if you want thick eyebrows, luscious hair or long lashes, as it is thought to accelerate hair growth.

But the question is, does it really work?

Caster oil has been used for centuries to promote healthy hair, as it is extremely moisturising.

It also contains ricinoleic acid, which, according to a study from 2015, is thought to prevent hair loss.

Apparently, ricinoleic acid inhibits prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), which causes hair to fall out or stop growing.

Although it has been popular for hundreds of years, there is still no actual proof that caster oil can make hair longer. If there was, we’re sure balding men would have slapping it all over their heads to boost hair regrowth for years.

However, dermatologist Dr Ilyse Haberman said it can make lashes “look thicker, denser, or fuller” in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

A set of thicker lashes could still be what many ladies want, helping to achieve the full lash effect with a simple sweep of caster oil every night.

Or it could help thicken up eyebrows, which is great for women who were victims of over plucking in the ‘90s.

If you want a guarantee of thicker, fuller brows, your best bet is to book microblading in Hull, which uses tiny needles to add hair-like strokes to eyebrows.

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