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How Your Eyebrows Can Fit With This Year’s Wedding Trends

Now the days are longer than the nights, the sun is making a regular appearance and the clocks are about to go forward, there is no doubt the wedding season is approaching fast. That means brides everywhere will be fine-tuning their preparations.

There will be many getting wedding microblading in Hull, but the question for some will be what style and colour to go for in line with the latest wedding fashions for this year.

Of course, the business of tipping new fashion trends is never an exact science, but Clarity Wedding has suggested some ideas. It forecasts there will be nine particular colour tends, which helpfully adds lots of choice around general themes as well as some specifics.

For example, it tips pink, rose and peach to remain a perennial favourite, although blush pink can also go very well with rose gold. For those who like green, a sage colour is the tone go for, while those aiming at yellow should go for a bright daffodil shade.

There are some interesting multiple colour combinations to go for too, like yellow, blue and grey, or blush and greenery.

All this may guide brides-to-be on their microblading choices, but it can also help highlight the wide array of eyebrow colour tones that are available too.

Of course, the Clarity Wedding ideas on colour are just some of the predictions about what will be ‘in’ during spring and summer 2022.

Wedding Forward, for example, predicts a rusty colour palette, one not quite matching any of the Clarity list but perhaps a great option for eyebrow shades. So too is a dark colour palette.

Others are fairly similar, such as the ‘evergreen fog’, or the ‘soft blue’, which is not far removed from the ‘dusty blue’ of the Clarity list.

For all this, every wedding is different and while you might want to use such suggestions to guide your microblading choices, it may be just as much fun, if not more, to try something novel, innovative and different, representing your own style for what is, ultimately, your own big day.

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