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How To Keep Christmas Party Make-Up On All Night Long

The Christmas party season is in full flow now, and that means ladies up and down the country are busy preparing their outfit, make-up and hairstyles for the biggest night out of the year.

However, it is just as important to consider how you are planning to keep your make-up looking perfect all night long, so you don’t lose your sparkle and glamour the second you arrive.

1) Always use a primer

Primers have grown in popularity over the last few years, as more and more people have realised how effective they are in helping to hold foundation for a long period of time.

An article in the Independent stated that “your 2am face will thank you” if you include primer in your make-up routine, as it gives something for your foundation, blusher, concealer and blusher to cling on to.

2) Powdering up

After you have applied your primer and foundation, you might want to just dab some loose powder on as well. This is ideal for those areas of the face where make-up generally rubs off – from under your eyes to your nose.

Pack your powder in your clutch bag and you can top up throughout the night if you notice some of your make-up has slipped.

3) Exfoliate lips

Many Christmas outfits call for bright red lips, but there’s nothing worse than smeared lipstick after a drink or two.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your pout is prepped properly before you apply any product. Firstly, exfoliate to get rid of any dryness before using a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. This will help prevent your colour from ‘bleeding out’ and will really define your lips.

Finally, once the lipstick has been applied, blot carefully with a tissue to remove any excess. Don’t forget to keep your lippie close at hand so you can re-apply mid-way through the evening.

4) Microblading

Many of us define our eyebrows with pencils and brushes these days, but there is always the risk this can run – particularly if you are unfortunate enough to encounter rainy weather on your work do.

But for total confidence, consider microblading in Hull, as this semi-permanent procedure will ensure you have perfect eyebrows all night long.

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