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How To Help Your Eyebrows Recover

We all know that over-plucking our eyebrows is a mistake. But that hasn’t stopped many of us making this beauty error in the past.

The difficult thing is to decide what to do next. Waiting for your eyebrows to naturally grow out and recover takes patience. Style Caster recently offered some advice, as well as revealing that over-tweezing isn’t the only reason for sparse brows.

Giselle Soto, a brow expert, told the news provider that ageing, hormones, stress, poor nutrition and alopecia can be other causes of thinner brows. That means the key to thicker looking brows is working out why they’re sparse. If you’ve always had thinner brows though, you may want to consider microblading in Hull as they’re unlikely to fill out on their own.

Ms Soto stressed that patience is key, noting that eyebrow hair growth takes time, although eating a clean diet will help.

She also recommends using a brow serum. “Massage the oil into your eyebrows for two to three minutes before bed, leave it on overnight, and wash it off the next morning,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Jaimineey Patel, another brow expert who is head of training at Blink Brow Bar London, noted that some beauty treatments - such as exfoliants and peel-off masks, can be harsh on your eyebrow area and cause hairs to fall out. That means they’re best avoided if you’re trying to fill your brows in.

We recently highlighted some common mistakes people make when trying to shape their brows. One of the top things to avoid is trying to make your brows identical - this will always result in overplucking. Rather than thinking of them as twins, think of them as sisters.

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