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How To Get Eyebrows Like Kate Middleton

If you usually get some help with your beauty regime, you might be struggling to keep on top of everything during lockdown. Eyebrows can be especially tricky to get right, especially if you’re not used to doing them yourself.

One famous face that many of us would like to emulate is Kate Middleton and now OK! has shared advice on how to copy her “bushy brows”.

Speaking to the magazine, brow expert Leigh Blackwell described Kate’s brows as having the “fluffy, natural, I just woke up like this” look.

Ms Blackwell also offered some tips to anyone who wants to emulate this look while in lockdown. Her first piece of advice is to use a highlighter to outline the eyebrow shape that you’re aiming for.

“To keep a bushy brow don’t tweeze too much, only the areas in the middle of your eyebrows to avoid the monobrow and under your brow,” she said.

Resisting the temptation to tweeze around the tops of your eyebrows is important, otherwise you risk thinning them out too much. You can also fill your brows in using a brow pencil. The trick is to use upward strokes to fill the brow from the bottom.

Meanwhile, one TikTok user has been sharing her top tips for tinting your eyebrows during lockdown while you’re unable to get to the beauty salon.

Chanelle revealed that she uses fake tan to dye her brows. All she does is fill them in with fake tan and then she plucks out the random hairs. She explained that she leaves the fake tan to set for three hours, before washing it off with micellar water.

If you’re unhappy with your eyebrows as they are currently, you could explore microblading in Hull for when lockdown ends and you’re able to make an appointment with a beautician.

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