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How To Find Your Perfect Brow Shape

Our eyebrows are as unique as we are, and defining their shape helps to define our other features. Particularly in 2020, when our eyes became the focal point of our entire look, a salon-perfect brow look became even more desired.

The great thing about eyebrows is there are so many ways to get to the look you want, from threading and waxing to semi-permanent makeup options such as microblading.

Whichever look you go for, here are some top tips for finding the perfect brow shape.

Framing Your Eyes

Whilst there are so many potential eyebrow looks, there are a few general rules you can adopt to help make your choice easier, which can be measured relative to the outer edge of your nostril and your eyes

Your eyebrow should line up with the outer edge of your nostril, then the highest point of your brow arch can be measured by measuring from the bottom of your nose through the iris of your eye and up to your brow.

Finally, you can measure where the tapered end of your brow should be by measuring from your outer nostril through the edge of your eye and up to where your brow is.

This method, which you can see in the diagram here, takes advantage of the “golden ratio” seen in art.

Outside of these, there are so many options for eyebrows, from thicker shaped brows that slim the nose to a more subtle defined look.

For more information about eyebrows and microblading in Hull, contact us today.

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