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How To Decide What Brow Shape Is Best For You

Eyebrows have become one of the most important features on our faces, and they’re certainly an area that we’re all trying to maximise whether through microblading in Hull or clever application of makeup.

Gone are the days of over-plucked brows, although for anyone who lived through the 90s and maybe was a little overzealous with their tweezers, it might be a challenge to decide what brow shape you should be aiming for now that thick brows are firmly in fashion.

Daxita Vaghela, a London-based brow and lash expert, recently told Glamour magazine that, rather than trying to emulate your favourite celeb, you should opt for the brow shape you already have.

“The best brow shape for your face shape is the one you naturally have,” she asserted. This means that rather than trying to change the shape of your brows through the likes of tweezing, you should “follow the natural arch of your brow” when you are plucking.

She added that it’s really difficult to pull off a different brow shape to the one you naturally have, which is why it’s best to work with what you were born with.

If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to have a professional appointment to take care of your brows then the current situation might provide you with the ideal opportunity to get your brows in shape.

An article for RSVP Live suggested that, if you’ve forgotten what your natural brows look like, you should let them grow (no plucking!) for six to eight weeks to let them regain their natural shape. As we’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, this could be a great opportunity to get back to your natural brows.

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