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How To Avoid Common Eyebrow Grooming Mistakes!

Eyebrow maintenance can be tricky and when it goes wrong you have to wait a veritable age for your brows to grow back to how they were before you even got the tweezers out… which is why it can be very beneficial to book yourself an appointment for microblading in Hull, so you no longer have to worry about your brows looking a little less than ordinary. Here are a few common brow mistakes you might want to try and avoid.


Ever seen anyone with brows that have a lot of hair at the front and then tail off to thin lines? This isn’t an especially flattering look and involves a lot of overplucking, so do be careful with those tweezers. You don’t want the hair to go and never come back, after all.

Twins, not sisters

This is a very common error when people first start doing their own eyebrow maintenance. Trying to ensure that both brows are identical will certainly result in overplucking since you’ll never be able to get them to match entirely. Remember the golden rule – eyebrows should be sisters, not twins!


They say that makeup is warpaint and while this may be a fun turn of phrase, you shouldn’t take it so literally that you plaster your brows onto your face so that they look painted on. Ensure that brows look natural at all times and not as if they’ve been coloured in, doing this by using lighter strokes and not being heavy-handed.

It can be hard to get it right so if you’d rather not live through lots of brow mistakes, get in touch with us at Katie’s Cosmetics today.

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