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How Microblading and Microshading Differ

Now that summer is almost upon us, wedding season is getting into swing - and that means it is highly likely that you will be attending some.

Whether one of these is your own or that is a future (or past) event, you will want to look your best for the photos and to impress other people on the day. Nor will you be alone in this and alongside all those ladies getting fine dresses, jewellery and other forms of makeup, there will be plenty of wedding microblading happening in Hull this summer.

If you have not had microblading before, you might wonder what it is and whether it is a better alternative than the slightly different option such of microshading.

Bustle recently looked at these two similar but slightly different techniques. Microshading differs slightly from microblading by using small pixel dots instead of lines to create a shaded look.

Founder of US-based Browaholic Studio Barbie Zarraga described it as the “process of implanting pixel dots on the skin to create a more bold and powdered looking brow.”

Despite their apparent similarity, Ms Zarraga said the results of the two techniques differ “wildly”. She suggested microshading may be best for those who want to make their make-up routine “easier or faster because [the brows] are more defined.” However, she said, it is a matter of personal choice which is better.

Indeed, according to founder of Hairy Little Things Alixandrai Capparelli, it is possible to combine both techniques.

Ultimately, microblading still offers some great advantages in providing a permanent look (even though it is reversible) and is more natural-looking than makeup. While choices between lines and dots and subtle differences may sound confusing, our expert stylists can help you choose a style that looks fantastic and looks great on a wedding day, whether it’s yours or anyone else’s.

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