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Have You Heard Of ‘Status Skin’?

Where the must-have skin trends for 2021 were all about ‘skinimalism’, a natural, liminal, or no makeup beauty look, 2022 looks set to be the year for ‘status skin’.

Popsugar reports that the past two years have seen a shift from makeup-first trends to more skincare-centric trends, and ‘status skin’ is part of this movement, as well as being one of Net-A-Porter's top trend predictions of the year

So what exactly is it? Status skin involves the use of fewer products and developing a strategic, more minimal regimen, which is concerned less with perfecting and more about pampering, enhancing rather than concealing.

We have all learnt lessons about self-care during the pandemic, taking time to put ourselves first and treat our skin similarly.

Newby Hands, Net-A-Porter's global beauty director, said: “With customers taking consistent and dedicated care of their faces, they've reaped the rewards and seen huge improvements.”

The beauty retailer reports that it has seen an increase in the demand for beauty tools and gadgets in the last 12 months, particularly with Gen-Z consumers, and this interest can now be seen all over TikTok, and even on TV shows such as ‘Euphoria’,

The trend is in line with a surge in enquiries about the additional areas of the skincare and beauty industry, such as plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, as consumers are showing an increased interest in things that were once more reserved for later in life, with a renewed focus on prevention rather than correction.

Status skin is not about spending a small fortune to get better-looking skin, it is focused on investing time in yourself, and developing your own status skincare regimen.

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