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Have You Heard Of Permanent Under-Eye Concealer?

The idea of semi-permanent and permanent makeup is no longer such a crazy one. Having microblading on your eyebrows in Hull, for instance, might be something you’re comfortable with and indeed rely on as part of your beauty regime.

So, it seems only logical that the idea of permanent makeup would move on. And it seems that it has.

Glamour Magazine recently highlighted the new trend of permanent under-eye concealer. This technique is being used to help banish dark circles under our eyes, which can be notoriously difficult to shift with topical treatments.

Much like microblading, permanent lip liner and tattooed eyeliner, this treatment is also applied with a tattoo gun and involves inking a pigment into the skin.

It has yet to make it into the mainstream, with Brazilian tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres pioneering the treatment, the publication explained. He specialises in treating skin ailments, ranging from stretch marks to dark circles, so has a lot of experience of tinkering with skin pigments.

The main difference between this and microblading, Mr Torres pointed out, is that the under-eye concealer is permanent, just like a standard tattoo would be.

This is still a very new procedure though, and there’s no one in the UK who currently offers it.

If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes and are hoping to banish them, you might want to take the advice of the experts who spoke to Town & Country Magazine recently.

They stressed the importance of getting plenty of sleep, preferably a minimum of eight hours per night, and revealed that although this won’t completely get rid of any dark circles you already have, it will stop them from getting worse.

A jade facial roller, meanwhile, was also recommended to help remove puffiness from your skin.

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